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Updated: Oct 14, 2019

A Photographer's LIFE From Day One

Photography has been an interest of mine since I was a little girl. I was always the one in my family or group of friends who was taking photos from vacations to birthday parties. Over the years I have updated my camera choices from Kodak disposable cameras to enhancing images on my iPhone (yes, I finally got one!). I have dubbed what I do “cell phone ministry”. 

Green's Photographer's LIFE


Candace Marie stopping to hit that perfect Pose.

Photography, specifically with my cell phone, has influenced my life in a way that makes me appreciate the plan of putting artwork together. I like being a part of the production process, from client portraits and videos, to capturing background imaging and videos to set the scene for my social media content and vlogs. I’ve been called on by my family to be a historian for our photos and serve as the go-to media person in my professional life, taking photos of public figures as needed. 

From left to right: Chico Tillmon, executive director of Youth Safety and Violence Prevention at the YMCA, Cherese Ledet, Executive Director of South Side YMCA Kim Foxx, State’s Attorney of Cook County

My interest in photography and saving memories has even opened up another revenue stream for me: a custom photo framing business that ships fabric covered frames all over the world. What do I use to sell these products? My cell phone camera. My desire is to do more mobile and social media work for individuals and events in the near future. 

See my works on Social Media at @notesbytatianah and @honestlytatianah www.blissforsingles.com journeythrough30

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