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An Emerald Life

From Influenced to Influencer

They say influence is having the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of something or someone... So how has photography and modeling influenced me? Entirely. Mentally, physically, spiritually, tangibly, & intangibly. There was a time when I was too insecure to walk out of the house without makeup, and there were also times I felt my creativity was nonexistent.

Being in this world has not only totally changed how I view art, but how I see life. I see the beauty in every person I meet, every place I go, & every experience I create. There's always a perfect shot to be captured right in front of you if you open your eyes and allow yourself to see in full saturation the beauty that's within.

Nothing goes Unnoticed

Every time I stand either in front of a lens or behind it, I'm reminded of every sublime moment left un-captured and it inspires me to create an everlasting moment, a photograph. Now it's my time to prove how I influence not only the modeling/ photography industry, but the world as we know it. - Emerald Monet 

Photographed By RuffcopyFilms (Emerald Monet)

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