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Chicago , IL, 60601

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    ©2019 by TCPhotography.

    Sep 30, 2019

    Travon C Printis Founder of TcPhotographyPlus

    I have come to realize that many of the images I captured over the years have put me in the room with celebrities, politicians, activists, artists, athletes, and even legends of both the past and present. Photography was something that I grew up doing since Polaroids and Kodak film disposables. I moved to Chicago, I told myself that this job is literally sucking my passion for photography out of my soul.



    From that point on I was able to connect with the

    right people and friends that guided me and

    allowed me to establish myself as a legitimately

    professional photography business in Chicago.

    This thought process made me want to find repeat

    businesses. Finding those who appreciate who you are and what you can do has carried me through some difficult times and those are the moments I use to reflect on and help prepare me for what’s to come.



                                                                 While in Chicago, I have captured photos                                                              of  some really amazing people. When I began

    working as photographer, churches, schools,  fashion shows and events played a major role in how I was able to grow and develop, with the occasional friends and family photo shoots. I was allowed to teach elementary and middle school students the foundation of what photography is. Vision Outreach, fashion and pop up boutique shows. Famous Chicago Celebrities and Influences.


    48 Hour Film Project- Chicago

    "Aidez Moi."


    A 48 Hour Film Project by Bon Vie Cinema

    The story line is that a young teenage girl travels through time to help save herself from years of abuse and torment. This team was brought together with some talented and gifted people not only from in and around Chicago but also from Milwaukee. Big thanks too Belvie Foster and Good Life Media Production and the rest of BON VIE Cinema. I may be a photographer but my soul has always had the desire to work in the film industry. 


    So What does Plus Mean?

    TcPhotographyPlus Best Photography for your budget. Chicago has taught me a lot, and I came here for a reason. What that reason is has not been made clear yet. However, I am able to get out and see more of this city and have enjoyed capturing the flow and heartbeat of what makes this city a wonderful place to be. My mission is to never stop trying to figure out what my true purpose is suppose to be and also to enjoy the ride that comes with it. TcPhotographyPlus Best Photography for your budget.

    A Photographer's LIFE

    True Rebel Story

    When TcPhotography Became Plus

    A Chicago's Lifestyle

    TcPhotographyPlus_Aidez Moi.jpg

    View Full story Here

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